Commit to Excellence in Coaching

You love Coaching.

Just you and your client.

In confidential conversations. Behind closed doors. 

Just you and your client.

Your client is grateful for your help, amazed at the value of your coaching.

And, yet...

You sometimes end the session wondering if...maybe...was there was something you could have done differently...or better? 

Parts of the session were great, others...hmmm... could have been better. 

You’re feeling a little rusty, unsure how to handle that one know the one, knowing that you’re letting yourself slide a little, avoiding the tough parts, letting yourself off the hook of being the bold and powerful coach you know you can be.

When you finished your training, you were excited, confident, and bold. You had new tools, strategies, and ways of being that you were confident would serve you and your clients well.

Are you ready to get back to that feeling?

Make a commitment to excellence today.

Mentor Coaching is just right when you want that “personal trainer” experience. We’ll meet on your schedule, use your clients as the basis for evaluating and improving your coaching. You’ll get individual feedback (verbal and written) and coaching to get out of your own way.
Mentor Coaching meets the ICF Mentor Coaching requirements for portfolio applications for ACC and PCC credentials, and ACC Recertification
Mentor Coaching can also be used for Core Competency CEUs for your ICF credential recertification

Coaching Master Class is just right when you want a small group learning lab that includes instruction, practice, study and reflection. With class size limited to 5 students, you’ll have an intimate group to explore, learn, and grow your knowledge and application of the ICF PCC coaching approach.
PCC Master Class provides 17.5 Core Competency CEUs and 3 CEUs on Coaching Ethics that can be applied to your ICF Recertifcation.

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