Thursday, May 28, 2015

PCC Master Class - Summer 2015 - Watch your coaching grow this summer!

Spring has finally arrived in Maine and the gardens are planted. Now we watch, weed, and water to support the new growth that will soon (we hope!) be reaching towards the sun.

If you’re ready to spend some time this summer watering, weeding, and watching your coaching grow, consider joining my PCC Master Class. It’s perfect for ACC’s reaching towards becoming a PCC.  It’s also perfect for PCC’s reaching to be more mindful and masterful in their coaching.

Join the PCC Master Class to
  • Dig into the ICF expectations of a masterful PCC level coach
  • Turn over and examine your own coaching in a confidential and supportive group of peers
  • Weed out the bad habits you’ve been tolerating
  • Sow the seeds for being the best coach you can be

  The PCC Master Class is
  • Small classes with experienced coaches
  • Six 90-minute tele-classes over 6 months
  • Flexible scheduling
  • ICF approved for 9 core-competency CEUs
  • $900 class fee

Call or email now to reserve your place for the Summer 2015 class.

Sue McLeod
(207) 751-1689

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